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We focus on quality, innovation and Service. Encrypticsecurity Private Limited is a Top Ethical hacking & Data Science Training Institute Based in Mumbai. We Have Trained More than 1500+ Professionals till date. Minimum salary our Student got is 3LPA. 

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  1. Introduction to Python and Why is it popular?
  2. Python Installation and Basic Terminologies
  3. Control Structures and Functions
  4. Conditional Statements and Loops
  5. Functions and their Types
  6. Recursion and Iterators
  7. Data Structures
  8. List, Tuples, Dictionaries
  9. Sets and Frozen Sets
  10. Arrays and Multidimensional Arrays
  11. File Handling and Modules
  12. Reading and Writing File
  13. Introduction to Modules
  14. Creating and Importing Modules
  15. Object – Oriented Programming
  16. Classes and Objects
  17. Inheritance and Polymorphism
  18. Encapsulation and Abstraction
  19. Error Handling and Debugging
  20. Handling Exceptions and Errors
  21. Debugging Techniques
  22. Best Practices for Error Handling
  23. Advanced Topics in Python
  24. Regular Expressions
  25. Multi-Threading & Parallel Processing
  26. Web Scraping and Data Visualization
  1. Introduction and Categories of Data
  2. Statistics and Terminologies
  3. Types of Sampling
  4. Descriptive Statistics
  5. Measure of Center and Spread
  6. Information Gain and Entropy
  7. Confusion Matrix
  8. Probability and its Terminologies
  9. Types of Probability
  10. Binomial Distribution
  11. Continuous Probability Distribution
  12. Normal Distribution
  13. Inferential Statistics
  14. Point Estimation
  15. Interval Estimation
  16. Margin of Error
  17. Estimating Level of Confidence
  18. Hypothesis Testing
  1. Introduction and Applications of Machine Learning
  2. Types of Machine Learning Algorithm
  3. Data Preprocessing
  4. Linear Regression
  5. Logistic Regression
  6. Decision Tress
  7. Random Forest
  8. Support Vector Machines
  9. K- Means Clustering
  10. Hierarchical Clustering
  11. Principal Component Analysis
  12. Singular Value Decomposition
  13. Naive Bayes
  14. Association Rule Mining
  15. Apriori Algorithm
  16. Markov’s Decision Process
  17. Q – Learning
  18. Machine Learning Industry Grade Project
  • Introduction and Installation of SQL
  • SQL Syntax, Data Types and Commands
  • SQL Operations and Expressions
  • Create Database and Table
  • SQL Clause, Insert and Delete
  • SQL Joins
  • SQL Group By and Order By
  • SQL Where and Having Clause
  • SQL Subqueries and create
  • Views in SQL
  1. Introduction and Benefits of Power BI
  2. Components and Architecture of Power BI
  3. Building Block Like Datasets, Reports, Dashboards and Tiles
  4. Save and Publish Reports
  5. Joining Data Sources
  6. Building and Sharing Dashboards
  7. Power BI Charts, Bar Charts, Column Charts etc…
  8. Maps and Funnel Charts, Guage and Cards, tables and Matrices
  9. Power BI KPI,Uses and Requirement
  10. Power BI Dashboard and Reports
  11. Power BI vs Tableaue

  1. Introduction and Application of Deep learning
  2. Working of DL and need of Artificial Neuron
  3. Perceptron Learning Algorithm
  4. Types of Activation Functions
  5. Single Layer Perceptron
  6. Intro to TenserFlow
  7. Back Propagation and Feed Forward Network
  8. Artificial Neural Network
  9. Recurrent Neural Network and LSTM
  10. Convolutional Neural Network
  11. Introduction and Working of Auto Encoders
  12. Tensorflow Object Detection
  13. Creating Chatbots
  14. Its Application and Layers
  15. Natural Language Processing in details
  16. NLP Pipeline and Application
  17. Deep Learning Industry Grade Projects
  1. HealthCare
  2. Finanace
  3. Edtech
  1. Stage one
  2. Stage two
  3. Stage Three

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Danish Khan
Danish Khan
"Exceptional Training Experience! I enrolled at encryptic security for their ethical hacking course, and it was an incredible journey. The instructors are brilliant, the labs are well-equipped, and they truly prepare you for the real-world challenges of cybersecurity. Highly recommend!"
Aameer Khan
Aameer Khan
If you taking admission in encrypted security please visit ghatkopar branch because the sir over there especially ronak sir and gopi sir are very helpful and very friendly u will learn but also enjoy the lectures taken by them.They will clear the doubts irrespective of how may time u ask them.
Soman Sukale
Soman Sukale
Enroll in Encrypticsecurity for an exceptional experience in ethical hacking! Their top-notch training and expert instructors make it the perfect institute to hone your skills and knowledge in cybersecurity.
king cloud
king cloud
Ethical Hacking Course in Mumbai
99 money
99 money
This is best institute for ethical hacking
Raman Biju
Raman Biju
Awsome classes and worth joining. ❤️
Aniket Pawar
Aniket Pawar
Good platform to learn ethical hacking from
shreyas thakur
shreyas thakur
Nice ethical hacking institute

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